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Dell Precision T7500 (2X QUAD Xeon, 48GB RAM, 1TB SSD+4TB HDD,Windows 10 Pro) Grade A – Refurbished

Dell Precision T7500

The Dell Precision T7500 workstation, a powerhouse of productivity, unites lightning-fast 64-bit multi-core Intel Xeon processors, outstanding graphics technology and exceptional memory capacity in an innovative chassis to deliver superb performance, flexibility, scalability and reliability. It’s not just designed to meet your needs it,s designed to exceed your expectations.

The Dell Precision T7500 Workstation redefines performance, affordability and flexibility for work environments that demand high-end performance and reliability. The T7500 is a no-compromise workstation that provides astounding capabilities and flexibility to match your business needs in an almost infinitely scalable package. This high-end, configurable workstation is designed to handle complex, resource consuming multi-threaded applications and large data analysis sets smoothly and efficiently from its unassumingly sleek and uncluttered tower chassis.


The workstation superhero

Our most powerful workstation delivers the multi-core processing punch you have been waiting for with levels of performance you have only dreamed about. Developed in close collaboration with hardware and software partners, the nextgeneration Dell Precision T7500 workstation helps you create, design, render and analyze without compromise. Designed to deliver groundbreaking performance, blistering speed and scalability for compute and graphics-intensive environments, the
Dell Precision T7500 helps you power through the most complex tasks and complete projects even faster with up to 50% more system memory than its predecessor.

  • Next-generation 32nm six-Core Intel Xeon 5600 series processors ignite stunning levels of performance unleashed by Intel Quick Path Technology that provides high-speed interconnects per independent processing core.
  • Outstanding performance for memory-intensive applications delivered with the help of an integrated memory controller on the processor with dedicated three-channel high-speed memory architecture, multi-level shared cache and highspeed point-to-point interconnects.
  • Memory scalability up to 192GB with DDR3 ECC Registered DIMMs.
  • Dual-native PCIe x16 Gen 2 graphics slots for outstanding graphics performance, cost-effective quad-monitor support and GPU-based personal super computing.
  • Designed to deliver increased performance for single and multi-threaded applications with advanced engineering and thermal design enabling extended use of Intel Turbo Boost Technology.
  • Proven chassis design for physical security, ease of access and exceptional flexibility

Outstanding graphics performance

Dell understands that exceptional graphics performance and high-end visualization capabilities are requirements for many complex applications. The Dell Precision T7500 offers a great selection of graphics options from entry 2D to topend 3D OpenGL solutions with up to a staggering 6GB of graphics memory.

New heights of scalability

Imagine having the freedom to work the way you have always wanted. Now you can. If you are ready to optimize efficiency and power usage with a platform that can scale to high-performing, multi-core processors, the Dell Precision T7500 is an ideal choice. With up to 12 DIMM slots to expand memory capacity up to 192GB
and a chassis designed for flexible configuration options, the Dell Precision T7500 provides a highly scalable architecture that enables you to manage massive data sets with outstanding performance and reliability. Independent Software Vendor (ISV) application certification helps ensure that your applications will run efficiently on Dell Precision workstations today and tomorrow.

Peace of mind through ISV application certification

Dell partners with leading ISVs to test and certify system and application compatibility for numerous applications. This helps ensure optimized performance in demanding workstation environments. In addition, to ensure access to the latest productivity-enhancing technology solutions, Dell invests in the workstation ISV community by providing the hardware platforms needed to further multi-threaded and 64-bit application development. By maintaining strong relationships with ISV
application developers, Dell engineers can provide ongoing optimization and support should you need it.

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